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How the Transition of Seasons Can Affect Your Pipes

February 2, 2022

The transition of seasons can affect many different aspects around your home.  It is especially important to be mindful of what is happening to the pipe systems for your home while the seasons are shifting. Here are just a few variables that can affect the lifespan and


Pipes can expand when they are in the heat, but water also expands when it is frozen. Because of these circumstances, changing temperatures through the many seasons can have a long-term effect on underground pipes at your home when cycling back and forth between temperature extremes. Pipes will develop cracks from both extreme heat and extreme cold, which can let in soil and debris, causing backups in the pipelines.


In the summer months, pipelines are working overtime with a high demand of water from extra showers, garden hoses, and sprinkler systems. When so much water is being pushed through the systems in a short amount of time, it can advance wear and tear of piping.

Plant Growth

An additional aspect of care for your home’s pipe systems that most people forget about is the underground growth of plant and root systems. Tree roots can cause small cracks in pipes laid underground in search for water. If roots can get into the pipes, they will continue to grow inside, causing further damage and backups.

Shift in Soil

When the weather is hot in the summertime, soil expands and causes the ground underneath your house to switch. This movement can affect your foundation, causing damage to your pipes, and worse yet cause them to burst. Extremely dry soil can have the same results, with the ground cracking and breaking due to lack of moisture.

Keeping up with maintenance and remaining aware of the conditions of the piping in your home throughout the seasons can save you a giant headache and an even bigger cost in the long run.


Photo by Kadri Vosumae from Pexels