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What to Look for in a Plumber

November 1, 2021

What to Look for in a Plumber

For every homeowner and property manager, a time will certainly come when a skilled and reliable plumber is needed.  When that time comes, you will want to be assured that your plumbing project is done by a reputable company.  But how can you know for sure?  Here are a few tips to help you select the right company for the job.

– What do you need?  A stopped-up toilet and running new water or sewer lines are two very different issues.  In your research, make sure the company you choose has the expertise needed for your specific job.

– Are they licensed and insured? This seems like an obvious question, but it’s a question worth asking.  Don’t be afraid to also ask how much liability insurance they carry.  They should be carrying a minimum of $500,000 in liability insurance.  

– Will they provide references?  When asking for references, be sure to ask for references specific to the job they will be doing for you.  If they refuse to provide references, that may be a good sign to move on to another company.

– How long have they been in business?  While the number of years in business doesn’t guarantee excellence, it can be a good indicator of a track record of providing quality service.

– Who will be doing the job?  Ask who will be doing the job and how much training and experience they have.  You have a big investment in your property, and you deserve to know that you have a well-qualified individual working on it.

– Are they involved in the community?  This may seem like a bit of an odd question, but a company that supports its community and is involved in community organizations indicates a desire to give back.  It’s a safe bet that a company that is involved in its community is motivated to provide superior service to its community as well.

– Do they warranty their work?  While the products they use may well carry a warranty, do they warranty their labor?  A company that will not guarantee its work is likely best avoided.

– Ask your friends.  Find out if your friends have had any experience with the company you are considering.  If so, ask them about things like:

o The quality of the work done.

o Responsiveness of the company.

o Professionalism of the company.

o Did they do what they said they would do in the time they said and at the cost they quoted?

o Did they respect the property and take care to leave a clean work environment?

We hope these tips have given you a few basic ideas on the types of things to consider when you need a plumber.  We have also referenced two helpful articles below.  We encourage you to read these articles for even more helpful tips.