5 Simple but Effective Water Conservation Tips

Conserving water saves you money, reduces your environmental impact, and is key to combating drought conditions. Here are five ways you can reduce water waste in your household.

Stay on alert for water leaks

Even a slow drip from a leaking pipe or faucet can add up to the loss of dozens of gallons of water a day. Multiple that by ten for a leaky toilet. Prioritize leaky faucet repair and keep an eye on your water bill for otherwise unexplained spikes to identify potential hidden leaks. We can assist you with water leak repair, just give us a call or send an email.

Upgrade to a tankless condensing boiler

Quiet, energy efficient, and space saving, tankless condensing boilers bring a great deal of efficiency to your home. Unlike traditional boilers which require the use of a large hot water storage tank and take time to provide hot water to your taps, tankless boilers use less water while providing a continuous non-depleting source of hot water. While the upfront purchase and boiler installation of a tankless condensing boiler is higher than conventional boilers, their energy efficiency returns your investment over time. Further, with this type of tankless boiler, there’s no risk of damaging your home from a tank rupture. They’re one of our customers’ most sought-after boiler heating systems.

Capture and re-use clean household water and rainwater in your garden

Installing a rain barrel to collect roof water from your downspouts and gutters lessens your need to rely on tap water for watering your garden. Indoors, you can use a bowl or bucket to capture the water you use for rinsing produce in the kitchen and while waiting for your hot water to flow in the shower (unless you have a hot water pump recirculating system which provides instant hot water) to capture clean water to later use for watering your plants. Even pasta water, one it’s cooled, can be used in the garden!plumbing drain cleaning services

Eliminate needless water flow

Do you let your faucet water run while brushing your teeth, shaving, or hand-washing dishes? According to the EPA, household faucets run at about 2.5 gallons of water per minute. You can save a substantial quantity of water by turning off the tap between rinsing tasks. The shower is another area where there’s huge potential for water conservation. This Wiki How article illustrates how you can use less water in the shower.

Use fireplaces or space heaters to reduce dependency on radiant heat

If you have radiant flooring or traditional radiator heating in your home (which are fueled by hot water), you can increase your water conservation by turning down the heat in lesser-visited rooms and using a portable gas heater or convector to more efficiently warm your most-used areas of your home. We offer Rinnai brand portable heaters which are easy to move to different rooms and to store away when not in use. For an aesthetically pleasing permanent solution, gas fireplaces add functional warmth as well as ambiance to any home or business.

We can help you with your water conservation! Call or email us to schedule a plumbing consultation.